How We Do It

ƒ(People) + ƒ(Passion) + ƒ(Processes) = ƒ(Productivity)

CLASS recruits professionals from corporations, academic institutions and other sources through its Community Partnership Programs, provides professional management, training and development services to these volunteers through Community Leadership Initiatives, and groups these volunteers into consulting teams which provide nonprofit organizations with Business Consulting Services.



Communty Partnership Program

CLASS offers programs to corporations, universities and professional associations that are the sources of new volunteers, helping these institutions integrate more effectively into the volunteer driven problem solving requirements of nonprofit organizations. CLASS Community Partnership Program provides opportunities to employees and students to “give back” to their communities.

Community Leadership Initiative Program

CLASS offers volunteers an opportunity to develop their leadership skills in a non-profit setting and take initiative to solve community-based problems. The CLASS Community Leadership Initiative Program is designed to incubate future community leaders by placing them in a structured program to develop leadership skills.

Business Consulting Services

CLASS provides nonprofit organizations with Business Consulting Services to help them achieve their mission goals. To this end, CLASS offers complete business solutions designed around nonprofit organization needs through the use of combined skills in areas such as Marketing, Finance, Management, Human Resources, and IT, as required, focused on core needs.