Our Vision

To Create a world rich in social capital where:

  • Knowledge is shared freely to benefit the society.
  • All stakeholders of the community collaborate to maximize the productivity of the non-formal sector of our economy.
  • The community constantly innovates, changes, adapts and strives for improvement.

Our Mission

CLASS’s mission is to increase the return on social investment by providing business solutions to Nonprofit organizations and leadership development opportunities to Professionals.

The mission of CLASS is executed in three synchronous tracks:

  • Encouraging Community Leadership: Fostering community-based leadership among volunteer professionals by helping them transform into business solution providers.
  • Supplementing Managerial Capacity: Augmenting managerial capacity in the Nonprofit sector by providing them with solutions for their business problems, thereby helping them better serve their respective constituencies.
  • Building Partnerships: Forging partnerships with corporate and academic institutions to tap into and utilize their pool of human capital by actively involving them in community development initiatives.

Our Values

The CLASS team believes that keeping the organization’s values at the forefront of every decision made and action taken will allow it to be competitive. These values are:

  • Professionalism and Responsibility: CLASS will demonstrate professionalism in its dealings and interactions with all the entities with which it works and will take full responsibility for all actions. CLASS will provide professionally managed projects to NPOs and ensure satisfactory completion of these projects. CLASS will provide volunteers with a professional environment and strive to provide a satisfying volunteering experience.
  • Commitment to Excellence: CLASS is committed to excellence and will strive for continuous improvements in its services, processes and offerings. CLASS will create specific measures to track its journey towards excellence and will achieve recognized certifications for its processes.
  • Collaborative Impact: CLASS will endeavor to bring all the stakeholders of the community together. CLASS seeks to foster closer interaction and collaboration between NPOs, Volunteer professionals and Corporations/Academic Institutions.
  • Leadership: CLASS will promote community-based leadership, encouraging and enabling volunteer professionals to demonstrate initiative and provide solutions to NPOs.

Our Mantra

Creating social DNA for a better world, one community at a time.