“The twenty-first century will be the age of alliances. In these complex times, no organization can succeed on its own. Nonprofits know they must become more business like, and businesses know they must become more socially responsible.”(Professor James Austin, Harvard Business School)

Community Partnership Program

The Community Partnership Program from CLASS has two main purposes:

  • To help corporations and businesses develop and effectively manage their internal volunteer programs that meet their institutional priorities, address employee/member interests and meet real community needs. CLASS aims to be a major resource for information and guidance on workplace-based volunteering and will provide all information on community requirements and the infrastructure support for volunteers.
  • The Community Partnership program seeks to create a network/web of alliances that will help the NPOs leverage specific resources and partner with firms that can help them achieve specific objectives. For example, a Media Agency can assist a set of NPOs to manage a media campaign at a low cost by combining their resources. The power of the network is a key differentiator for CLASS.

Corporations and Businesses


  • Enhance company’s image.
  • Distinguish company by associating with a local or a national cause.
  • Boost customer loyalty by giving customers a new reason to support the corporation.
  • Improve employee retention and attract new workers.
  • Garner and attract positive media attention.
  • Increase teamwork, morale and trust among the employees.
  • Enhance communication, organization, time management skills and accountability.
  • Develop leadership skills among the staff.
  • Increase employees’ understanding of co-workers and respect for diversity and other cultures.

Academic Institutions

A powerful force for community revitalization is gaining momentum across the country: university-community partnerships. In growing numbers, institutions of higher education are collaborating with community groups to apply research, scholarship, and service to real-life problems. They are integrating such partnerships into their curriculum, academic studies, and student activities, making them part of their ongoing mission.

America’s institutions of higher education have more intellectual talent than any other institution in our society, and many of them are using these partnerships to tackle the complex socio-economic issues facing the neighborhoods that surround them.


  • Helps academic institutions develop and manage effective volunteer programs to encourage university-community partnerships, foster student interests and meet real community needs

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