CLASS Consulting in 2011

by Bharath Beedu, 1/20/2011

First of all, we wish all of our visitors a very happy new year.

We, here at CLASS are excited to regroup after the holiday season. The CLASS team achieved quite a bit last year, having completed 3 projects to help out local non-profit organizations as well as initiated numerous internal projects.

2010 was a tough year for non-profits, with corporate and individual donations dwindling down. We saw an increase in requests for help from non-profits in the area of financial restructuring to enable non-profits tide over the economic downturn.

2011 promises to be a better year for the non-profits. CLASS is currently engaged in projects focusing on developing growth strategies for a few of the non-profits, a clear indication that these organizations are out of survival mode and are looking at expanding over the next few years. It is always exciting to work on these kind of projects and watch these non-profits have a positive impact on the community.

At CLASS, along with helping non-profits directly through consulting projects, our talented set of volunteers are also involved in developing business solutions for common challenges faced by non-profits in the area of marketing, finance and fund-rising. We intend to share these solutions with non-profits to help them implement some of these projects in-house.

This year, CLASS is also looking at organizing a panel discussion event to provide insights into some of the more recent trends in social media marketing for non-profits and alternate micro-donation based fund rising activities. Stay tuned for more details about this event.

Last but not the least, we, at CLASS are always looking for more volunteers to help us achieve our goal of giving back to the community. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining CLASS.

Social Media Marketing for NPOs

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CLASS in the Media

Working in the CLASS consulting group represents a unique opportunity to give back to the society by helping NPOs analyze and overcome business challenges. Suba Lakshminarasimhan, an ex-volunteer in the CLASS HR team, has published an article that showcases her experience of working at CLASS. Click here to read