C.L.A.S.S. has proven to be a “class-act”. The consultants took their time to understand our organization, the various funding sources, and the culture. With this information, they were able to develop a tool that can favorably predict future business decisions. Before this tool, we were working with several different instruments to arrive at the necessary information needed to run a school system of our size. Our sincerest thanks go to the men and women of C.L.A.S.S.

Robin Hutchison

Director of Development

Texans CAN! Academy

“CLASS brought incredible focus and an intuitive sense of how our organization can effectively operate in a unique and dynamic philanthropic environment. Their energy and wisdom have fundamentally transformed the way we conduction our operations in the West!”

Paul Kelly

Development Director

Save The Children-Western Region

“I have found CLASS to be an effective way to apply my business skills to solutions that directly affect the success of community services. The broad variety of clients keeps me challenged and allows me to choose projects that have personal meaning.”

David Bockian

Creative Writer

CLASS – Marketing and Creative Team

“The CLASS has been a valuable partner to the East San Jose GEAR UP Community Achievement Project. As a non-profit we were in need of support in the areas of marketing, advising, and strategic planning. The CLASS came to our aid efficiently and professionally. Since working with them our organization has made leaps and bounds. We now have a professional looking web site, a carefully designed brochure, a marketing plan, and support in planning and strategizing for our fundraising venture. Working with The CLASS has been a pleasure. They are professional and truly dedicated to supporting youth and non-profit organizations in the San Jose area.”

Rachel Ann Sievert

Program Director

Gear Up Community Achievement Project

“One of our staff members remarked – CLASS is like our angel; they swoop in and grant a wish. We are glad to have the privilege of working with you, and hope that your organization prospers. It is a valuable tool for non-profits of Silicon Valley!”

Christina Goodney

Executive Director

Young Audiences of San Jose and Silicon Valley

“YASJSV needed a solution which would be build around there problem. It was a challenging opportunity that the volunteers took positively. The team worked hard on building a solution from scratch; started from brick and mortar to putting together the final granite polished stone. The vision of the creative and technically sound team with a dedicated teamwork finally paid off!”

Manoj Khanna

Project Manager

Young Audiences of San Jose and Silicon Valley

“There is an old Chinese Saying – A craftsman must sharpen his tools before he can create his fine arts. It is one of our objectives to create web sites to be your daily working tool. I hope CLASS can help you achieving your goals; just like the way it helps me.”

Jonathan Chen

Project Manager

CLASS -Technology Team